Nirogi Kaya’s Consumer Healthcare's products include over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, supplements and other products that are top sellers in their categories and household names for consumers around the world.

They are an important part of Nirogi Kaya commitment to providing a full spectrum of ayurvedic herbal medicines.

Our strict internal standards, going beyond compliance with the law, have been developed to ensure that the information we share with patients is scientifically sound, balanced, easy to understand and helpful in encouraging them to consult with a health care professional.

Responsible consumer advertising has proven value in helping patients engage in more informed conversations with their healthcare providers, leading to better health outcomes. We follow strict internal standards that have been developed to ensure the information we share with consumers is:
• Scientifically sound.
• Balanced.
• Easy to understand.
• Helpful in encouraging people to consult with a health care professional.
Global Supply Network:
Nirogi Kaya’s Global Supply's goals are to supply quality products to patients that significantly improve their lives, and to ensure these products are available when needed.

Nirogi Kaya’s global supply network has consistent high standards for quality, safety and environmental protection; provides fast, flexible solutions across the full manufacturing and supply chain spectrum; and delivers safe, effective ayurvedic herbal medicines around the world.
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