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The focus today, having shifted back from an all-dominating Allopathic to the traditional, natural systems of health that had served humankind well prior to its advent. An ancient holistic system of medicine, it uses a vast range of natural herbs and minerals to tackle ailments - herbs that assure relief or progress without any side effects. Intensive laboratory and clinical research have helped in further improvement. Playing a stellar role in that has been an organization that is better known by its brand name “DIVYA SANJIVNI” and “NIROGI KAYA”. With a basket of over 150 Ayurvedic and herbal products produced in hi-tech manufacturing unit.

Most respected N.G.O. DIVYA SANJIVNI One of India's best KHADI GRAMUDYOG SANSTHAN popularly known as DIVYA SANJIVNI, Established in 2006, and the N.G.O. Has played a pioneering role in re-establishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques. Manufacturing over 150 products.

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