Why Use Our Products?
We are one of the leading suppliers of ayurvedic herbal medicines and herbal healthcare products. Our products are acclaimed for their natural and pure ingredients. Our quality controllers take good care of our products on each stage of production.

The stringent quality test conducted by our analyst ensures good high quality. Our team of pharmacist makes sure that the medicines manufactured by Divya Sanjivni are best in the industry and suitable for human body.
Some of the reasons why we are appreciated in domestic market are as follows:
• Strong focus on quality compliance.
• Effective and quick heeling by using our medicines.
• No side effects.
• Experienced R&D department.
• Wide range of ayurvedic products are natural, we offer.
• Use of high quality raw material.
• Use of latest technology.
• Eco-friendly medicine.
• Timely delivery.
• Competitive prices.
Since April 2006, Nirogi Kaya Herbs Pvt. Ltd. has worked effectively and diligently at establishing itself as the supplier of natural and ayurvedic medicines. Our company aims at providing ayurvedic medicines that causes no risk and result in healthy and happy life.
Our operating structure reflects our ongoing journey to further revitalize our innovative core, enhance the value of our consumer and off-patent established brands and maximize the use of our capital to deliver value to patients and our franchise/stocksit. Through this evolution, we are enabling greater independence, focus and responsiveness for our commercial businesses.

Nirogi Kaya helps consumers around the world take control of their health and well-being with ayurvedic science-based, differentiated self-care solutions.
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