Quality Control and Assurance
We adhere to various procedural checks and controls to ensure that the products are of the required quality. This is by our Quality Control and Assurance Department, which is well equipped with the latest Analytical instruments.

We have laid down various in house and Pharmacopeial specifications for each step of the testing of raw materials to finished products and also standardized and validated all our systems like water supply. Procurement of specific ingredients, quality testing, manufacturing procedures, cleaning procedures etc.

All the crude drugs are tested for microscopic & macroscopic specifications. Extracts are tested for description, pH, a water soluble extract, etc.

All the finished products, Oils,Hair Cleaser, Capsules, Syrups, Lape, & Powders are tested for average weights, disintegration time, diameter, thickness, moisture, volume, color sedimentation, tester, pH, clarity etc.. We have separate Microbiological Laboratory for testing the Microbial contamination in all the products.

Professionals to manage, the marketing and sales.
With changing demands of business and to inculcate a spirit of corporate governance, the N.G.O inducts professionals OF Nirogi kaya Herbs Pvt. Ltd. to manage the marketing and sales.

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