Our mission
To provide the Indian Ayurvedic legacy with the highest quality standards which meets the consumer demands in the field of hair care, healthcare and personal care products. And To provide financial and Medicare, aid to needy physically disabled persons with the earned income by Divya Sanjivni Gram Udyog Sansthan. To avail tertiary Medicare on case to case basis as per the stated norms irrespective of their cast, creed and religion.

We help handicapped with good prognosis so that after treatment they will be an asset to their family and society.

Divya Sanjivni Gram Udyog Sansthan has been providing support to India’s handicapped, poor and needy persons. Amongst many other ancillary functions to support the handicapped India, Divya Sanjivni Gram Udyog Sansthan, plays a critical role in influencing policy change for the handicapped in governments and providing emotional and material support to the handicapped.

Our Vision
Your Health 'Our Vision': A healthy and happy planet. Divya Sanjivni and Nirogi Kaya envision a healthy & happy planet, with focus on providing 100% Ayurvedic remedies based on knowledge and years of targeted research. Healthier Solutions are formed to make a difference in people’s lives, so that a world of healthy, happy and vital people flourishes, and works for everyone.

Our Vision a society where physically disabled have the Right to an active, healthy and dignified life. We are integrating our programs and services, and consciously moving from welfare towards development and long term sustainability for handicapped. We are working closely with physically disabled Associations and encouraging handicapped to speak up for their own rights.

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